Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everybody say "Cheese Ball!"

What does the ‘Cheese Ball’ mean to me? Hmm, I love anything cheese. I hate nuts anywhere in my food. So to solve my dilemma because Mom loved me so, so much, she came up with this Cheese Ball just for moi, Mindy. Yes, everyone gets to benefit from it, so you’re welcome!

All the goodness of a cheese ball without the horror of the nuts. Now if you are one of those who has to have nuts on your ball (Hahaha) you do have the option of rolling it in them. We always use Club Crackers for spreadage but it’s great on any cracker! Choose your favorite! This recipe is a great appetizer for any occasion, small cocktail party, or huge holiday gathering. It is a staple for our McGee Christmas Eve Snack Out, every year without fail. (Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about that.) This past Christmas was our first Snack Out without our mom. We kept up spirits & made all of the classics in her honor. This was before dad delivered the 'Cookbook'  to us, so I made the cheese ball by memory & accidently added shredded cheese. Erin noted that it tasted different this year & it wasn't until we got together for the blog, that I realized what I had done wrong. This time it 'tasted like Christmas'. So yes, our first Christmas without her I messed up. But now I will certainly never forget exactly how it's made. It’s one of our favorite recipes because it’s unlike anything you will find, it tastes great, and it’s super easy. I have not a met a person that didn’t fall in love with this cheese ball at first bite! So here it is, the McGee famous cheese ball our Mom
taught us to make, nut free.

Cheese Ball
2- 8 oz packages Cream Cheese
1 cup chopped Pecans -yeah right!
½ cup chopped Green Peppers
2 Tblsp Chopped Onion *
1 can Crushed Pineapple-Drained
1 Tblsp Seasoned Salt

Mix well, shape into ball. Roll in one cup chopped pecans. (OPTIONAL!!!)

*Mom always used a yellow onion.
P.S. We recommend not using the Pecans, but she wrote the recipe closer to a traditional Cheese Ball for variation.

Now I, Amee, claim this recipe as one of my top favorites. I know it as something that we only make on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure why because it is so good but it just seems wrong to have it any other time of the year to me. Also, I personally could go without the onions, but if Mom put them in there I was still eating it. Erin, anything you want to add?

“Give me more Cheese Ball!” -Erin

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